Saturday, March 10, 2007

Battling Unbelief

I've been looking forward to the appearance of this book for years. Multnomah has now published John Piper's book Battling Unbelief. Though I recommend lots of books on this blog, I try not to overuse the term "must have" or "must read." Well this is not one of those times! Quite simply, I think this is some of the best material we have today on sanctification--putting sin to death and trusting in the promises of God in Christ through the power of the Spirit.

Future Grace was first published in 1995. It's a thick book (both in terms of content and pages). But sprinkled throughout the book are "application" chapters that take the concept of future grace and apply them to eight broad categories of unbelief: (1) anxiety, (2) pride, (3) misplaced shame, (4) impatience, (5) covetousness, (6) bitterness, (7) despondency, and (8) lust.

These chapters are now lightly revised and collected in Battling Unbelief, along with a new introduction. If you can't afford it, skip a meal, shovel someone's driveway--do what you need to do to get your hands on this book.

Desiring God has also put together a DVD (clip) and a study guide, along with some group specials.