Tuesday, March 20, 2007

On Painful Lessons Learned

Mark Dever posts this morning on two painful lessons he has learned--behind which are "months of painful experience, tears, prayers, and countless conversations": (1) No accountability relationships will work if there is not a commitment to honesty on the part of the person in question; (2) The public success of your ministry is no indication of the true state of your relationship with God. Read the whole thing.

He also announces a forthcoming 9Marks group blog:
There I and some others will be taking on issues a bit more narrowly that have to do with components of a healthy church. Remember the CT cover story last year on young, restless and reformed? To get us kicked off over at the 9marks blog, I'm going to begin with a 10-part series on where I think all these folks came from! So it should be a fun discussion.