Saturday, March 10, 2007

How to Raise a Pharisee

Carey Hardy, Senior Pastor at Twin City Baptist, in Winston-Salem, NC, gave a seminar a couple of years ago at the Shepherds' Conference on How to Raise a Pharisee, which contains a number of helpful reminders of what not to do as a parent:
  1. Majoring on external instead of internal issues
  2. Excessive control
  3. Overreacting to failure
  4. Being unforgiving and impatient
  5. Elevating preference over biblical principle
  6. Unnecessary separatism
  7. Judging others…other families
  8. Being “belligerent”—a fighter
  9. Favoritism
  10. No humor
  11. Building up their self-esteem
  12. Lack of genuine spirituality
Read the whole thing for explanation/elaboration.