Wednesday, May 09, 2007

NET Bible Nestle-Aland Diglot

Here's a confession. With the advent of increasingly sophisticated electronic Bible software, I stopped purchasing (and started selling) my printed copies of the Hebrew OT and the Greek NT.

But I recently learned about a resource that I think belongs on the shelf of every serious Bible student: the NET Bible and Nestle Aland (27th edition) Greek-English Diglot New Testament.

I encourage pastors and seminarians--and any serious student of Scripture--to check it out.

Here are the features listed on the website:

  • Internationally-acclaimed standard Nestle-Aland 27th Edition Greek text of the New Testament, 8th corrected printing (the most current available version of NA27) NA27, including the complete textual apparatus and all appendices
  • More user friendly
  • Includes a highly customized set of NET Bible notes offering additional technical information
  • Notes are focused on issues of consequence for exegesis and language study
  • Notes include comparisons with a variety of other major English versions
  • Specially edited set of text-critical notes (which use abbreviations corresponding to those in NA27 apparatus)
  • Every variant reading where NET Bible differs from NA27 now marked with double dagger
  • Key scholarly works are cited in the notes for easy reference
  • Includes a new 70-page appendix with additional text-critical discussions
  • Also includes the color German Bible Society maps as end pages

In personal correspondence, Dan Wallace suggested that he thinks this is "the best bargain in biblical studies right now for serious students of Scripture."

Click here for a screenshot of the pages.

You can also see a PDF of the English pages (with an explanation of features).

You can order it directly from