Saturday, May 12, 2007

Piper on Greek

John Piper passes along the following note:
Thanks to Matt Harmon for encouraging all beginners (and others) in Greek. I say AMEN! It is worth every effort. Oh, how thankful I am for the Greek New Testament. Where would I be without it!

I have one suggestion that's a tiny bit different from Matt's suggestion. We all learn differently so don't take this as a criticism or a negation, just another possible way to review. Matt said, "Set aside time to read from your Greek NT at least once a week. The emphasis here is on reading, translating and occasionally parsing in your head as you go. Spending as little as 20-30 minutes 1-2 times a week can make a huge difference.

I suggest that for many of you (us!) five minutes EVERY day will prove more effective than 30 minutes once a week. Put your Greek text and Kubo on your nightstand and just before you fall asleep spend five minutes reading what you can.

For further encouragement, read Piper's article, Bitzer Was a Banker!

You also might want to get a book like, More Light on the Path: Daily Scripture Readings in Hebrew and Greek.

There is something about being in the text EVERY day that seals it over the long haul.

Just an added suggestion for something of immeasurable value.