Monday, May 14, 2007

"A Severe Mercy" to the Big Screen?

CT Movies:
Blogger, script consultant, and now, Hollywood screenwriter. That's the latest addition to the resume of Barbara Nicolosi, formerly the head of Christian screenwriting workshop Act One, whose latest task is to adapt A Severe Mercy to the big screen.

The book, written by Sheldon Vanauken, chronicles the journey through faith and marriage that he undertook with his wife—and with a little help from one C. S. Lewis. Indeed, Nicolosi promises a "cameo appearance" by Lewis, who also appears in the book in the form of several letters.

Nicolosi's Church of the Masses blog includes a plea for prayer. "Please keep this project in your prayers. I am rarely excited about anything, but I admit to anticipating this project with wonder (and fear and trembling)."

The rights to the novel were recently sold by Harper Collins to Origin Entertainment, who commissioned Nicolosi to pen the script.