Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bock, Blog, Book

Darrell Bock, whose blog has now been nicely redesigned (HT: Andy Naselli), wrote last month about Mark Robert's new book, Can We Trust the Gospels?

I often am asked about books that can get one easily into the discussions about the gospels and their trustworthiness.

I have finally found one I can recommend that serves very well as an introduction to the host of issues residing here in the age of a need for a fresh apologetics. It is Mark Roberts' Can We Trust the Gospels?

It is written at an introductory level and divides the topic nicely into key questions. It is a very suitable introduction for high schoolers headed to college, although once they get there, they will need more. However, Roberts is pretty good at giving notes taking students to the next level. The book's strength is the clarity with which these areas are treated. Roberts studied at Harvard, so he knows the issues and the personalities involved in these discussions.He also is a pastor, so he knows how to communicate so that one does not need a PhD to get his point.

So I'd urge high school pastors or parachurch leaders of high school groups to think about this book, not to mention the value it has for parents of those this age. It is nice to have a book that so nicely fits this niche.