Thursday, August 23, 2007

Science and Faith

Even if you don't care about the intersection of science and faith, you should buy and read Jack Collins's Science and Faith: Friends or Foes? The reason I say that you should read it even if you don't care about science (and obviously you should if you care about Christian truth and witness!) is that simply reading it and tracing the author's argument builds critical thinking skills.

I read some more chunks of it last night. Collins, as I mentioned before, is not only an MIT grad, but also has a PhD in Hebrew, OT, and linguistics from the University of Liverpool. That makes him ideally suited to write a book on science and faith. But what makes the book unique is his down-to-earth wisdom and good cheer--this is a guy who likes to quote Lewis, Chesterton, and Sherlock Holmes to make his points! The genesis of the book was a call from a homeschooling mom who wanted a resource for teaching her children science. So Jack wrote a book!

In a separate post I'll highlight a helpful little section on some cautions on the "culture wars."