Friday, August 31, 2007

Theology in the News

Today Collin Hansen begins a bi-weekly online column that provides a roundup of sorts for theological discussions on the web. (My advice to the CT editors: give this a permanent link so that interested readers can bookmark and return.)

Collin explains some of the purposes for his column, then (as promised), links a lot:
Christian colleges and seminaries can grow detached from the churches they serve. Hazardous ideas can percolate for decades without so much as a nod from most churchgoers. And parents wonder why their undergraduate daughter or seminary son graduates with odd ideas about everything. So they blame the theologians and the cycle continues.

But what if they knew more about current debates? What if someone could direct them toward resources that would help them think theologically about current events? I hope that in some small way, this column might help those of you who want to care about theology but lack the time to skim blogs. Maybe you'd consider attending a conference if you only knew when or where to go. You might even read the occasional book if someone explained why it's important. As I draw on the help of scholars and friends, I hope this column will become a destination for you to catch what you might have missed in the last two weeks and discern what you otherwise might not have foreseen.