Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Books to Read on Cultural Engagement

John Mark Reynolds:
I am often asked for a few fairly-easy to read books that would give a traditional Christian insight into how to do cultural analysis or “cultural apologetics” of the sort pioneered by Francis Schaeffer. . . .

Here is a list that is distinctly “middle brow.” Books that made the list do not require much expertise on the part of the reader before he or she can plunge into learning. In some cases I passed on well known books for more obscure works that a reader might have missed, though some works like Abolition of Man are too important not to include. . . .

My list intentionally does not include classics or “great books” and is not limited to Christian authors. My goal was to avoid “overview” books which are valuable (Everything About Art! Everything About Movies!) in favor of books that were more general, but utilized or discussed several aspects of culture.

I favored books that I have felt compelled to read more than once, cited in the last year, and that contained at least something that irritates my sinful self into pursuing the argument further.

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