Monday, April 14, 2008

Modern Parables Update

Here's an update on Modern Parables:
Modern Parables now has a digital download store where all of the Modern Parables lessons can be purchased individually either in DVD or HD quality. Each download includes the film, application video, director's commentary, and a combination of the student book and teacher's guide for those sessions as a PDF. As a way to let people see all the films for free we have versions available for iPods or to watch in iTunes. All the downloads are available at

The prices for the full downloads are $19.99 for the DVD-quality version and $26.99 for the HD-quality version. The downloads are available in both Quicktime and Windows Media formats.
My brother, who is leading a couple of groups in his church through the materials, sent me a quick note about them last night:
Hey, Modern Parables is awesome! . . . What a great tool and a way to open up the parables. I felt like I had never read them before. That is a compliment to the resource book which provided pithy and insightful commentary in a fresh way.
I, too, recommend them and encourage you to check them out.