Friday, April 11, 2008

The ESV Study Bible

Mark Driscoll has had a sneak peek at the forthcoming ESV Study Bible and blogs on it this morning. He writes: "To be honest, I actually got choked up when I looked through it for the first time because I know what a gift it is to an emerging generation of Bible preachers and teachers who are committed to timeless truth and timely methods. . . . Without blowing all of their marketing strategies in preparation for its October 15, 2008 debut, I decided to leak a few details that are particularly exciting." Read the whole thing.

The official ESV Study Bible page at this time is just a place to enter an email for more info. But on April 15 you'll be able to see and learn a whole lot more. Also, if you go to T4G (which I won't be able to attend, unfortunately), the Crossway table should have a good deal of information if you want to see some of what it will look like.