Monday, December 01, 2008

Digital ESV Study Bible Now Available

Olive Tree Bible Software has put together a very nice ESV Study Bible app.

Here are some screenshots from an iPhone:

This Bible includes the BibleReader with the following features:
  • Three tap Verse Chooser to quickly go to any verse
  • Word search to quickly find any word or phrase in the document
  • Palm, Pocket PC, Smartphone, and Symbian also support: phrase search, display options, split screen for viewing multiple resources, scrolling options, and more

Supported Mobile Platforms for ESV Study Bible:
  • iPhone, iPod Touch
  • Palm OS (including LifeDrive, Treo 650, Treo 680, Treo 700p, Tungsten E2, and TX)
  • Windows Mobile Pocket PC (including Dell Axim, HP iPAQ, Palm Treo 700wx and Treo 750)
  • BlackBerry (including 8703e, Curve and BlackBerry Pearl)