Sunday, February 01, 2009

John MacArthur

Congratulations to John MacArthur. Today Grace Community Church celebrates his 40 years of ministry there. You can watch or listen to the evening service live.

In the book, Stand: A Call for the Endurance of the Saints, a snippet of a conversation I had with him stands out to me:
Early in my first year or so at Grace Community Church, I had this little kind of motto that I used: “If you concentrate on the depth of your ministry, God will take care of the breadth of it.” My ministry hasn’t changed since that first year in that small, little church. For me, it’s all about getting into the depth of Scripture and my own personal walk with the Lord. Breadth is something that God does. . . .
I thank God for granting Dr. MacArthur both depth and breadth--for God's own glory and for the good of his church. It is good to honor all people, especially those who teach and preach God's Word. So may God himself be honored today as his church appropriately honors this man for his faithful work.