Friday, January 21, 2005

Boyd on Abortion

Joe Carter at Evangelical Outpost picks up on the Boyd-on-Abortion discussion, shining light on the issue for more in the blogosphere to see:

An Open View of Abortion -- Although I often find myself disagreeing with his views, I’ve always admired theologian and pastor Greg Boyd. Even when his conclusions are unsound (i.e., open-view theism) he often attempts to derive them from Scriptural based premises. Unfortunately, his views of abortion – that first-trimester abortion may be acceptable – are rather disappointing and based on sloppy thinking. The idea that you could be “truly pro-life” and vote “pro-choice” is akin to a 19th century American claiming that they are in favor of treating African-Americans as fellow human beings but still plan to vote in favor of slavery.

JivinJehoshaphat and Imago Dei go into more detail on the subject, exposing the flaws in Boyd’s reasoning.