Monday, September 26, 2005

The Quandries of Roe v. Wade

From the latest "Public Square" by Richard John Neuhas in the print edition of First Things:

The quandries created by the regime of Roe v. Wade. In Lufkin, Texas, sixteen-year-old Erica had been trying by various measures to kill the twin babies with whom she was four-months pregnant. She finally asked her boyfriend Gerardo to stomp on her stomach, which he did, and the babies died. Gerardo, but not Erica, is charged with murder. The Associate Press reports, "The case has attornies on both sides questioning the fairness of a statute that considers one person's crime another person's consitutional right." According to Roe, Gerardo was helping Erica exercise her constitutional right to kill her babies. Unlike other abortionists, of course, he was practicing without a liscence, which is against the law in Texas.

(The Houston Press has a long article about the case.)