Friday, September 02, 2005

The Sovereign Grace Disaster Relief Fund

"The Sovereign Grace Disaster Relief Fund is now collecting donations for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Our purpose for collecting donations is to serve local churches in need, while having as our primary goal providing relief for the pastors and members of Lakeview Christian Center. Lakeview is located in New Orleans, and has been in the final stages of adoption into the family of Sovereign Grace churches. Along with Pastor Keith Collins and Lakeview, we have also been in contact with Dr. Ligon Duncan, Senior Minister of First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, Mississippi, in an effort to identify other churches in need.

"For the latest information about the needs of Lakeview members, such as temporary housing or employment, please visit their message board.

"To make an online contribution, please choose DISASTER RELIEF FUND from the drop down box in the 'Designation' field."