Thursday, May 04, 2006

Together for the Gospel Statement

As many of you know, the Together for the Gospel brothers wrote a statement that Al Mohler (the primary author of the document) read at the conference. It was signed by Al Mohler, Ligon Duncan, Mark Dever, and C.J. Mahaney. Transcribed versions have appeared at various blogs, though the version you've read has not been the final version. After some consultation there were some tweaks.

The final version (in PDF) has now been made available at the T4G website.

One of the things I appreciate about this document is that it contains both affirmations and denials. Evangelicalism today tends to swim in ecumenically motivated affirmations--but rarely gets around to what it denies. I commend these brothers for not only laying their cards on the table regarding what they believe--but in also clarifying the concomitant denials.

I'm sure we'll continue to hear more about this statement in the days ahead. For example, Adrian Warnock and others plan to blog through the different articles. I may also have more information on the statement in the days ahead.