Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Keller and Guinness Are Coming to Town

Not in person, but in print. This February, two books by two men who have meant very much to me and my ministry over the years, promise to be "must buys."

For those of you (like me) who have wondered when Tim Keller will finally put pen to paper and start publishing more books, your wait is almost over. Tim is presently working on two books (both almost finished) and promises that there will be more to come. The first, due February 14th, is entitled In Defense of God: Doubting Your Doubts (Penguin Press). He's been working on it for a few years and it's, essentially, an apologetic for the Christian faith. Uniquely, it is not a book on apologetics but an actual apologetic. Doubt, he contends rightly, is as much of a faith committment, as believing the Gospel is. And he persuasively argues for the intelligibility, plausibility, and beauty of the Gospel. Given the rise of popular atheism, this book promises to be a tour de force and a true "a word in season" for the public. In fact, he so wants to reach the world of unbelief, skepticism, and doubt, that he went with a large, secular publisher. Wise! You'll have to wait for more information on the second Keller book. In time, my friends, in time.

Os Guinness, who has been mildly prolific as a writer now since the 1970's, is one of the great evangelical public voices of our time. His new book entitled The Case for Civility: And Why America's Future Depends On It is due out February 1st. Os (an Oxford trained social scientist) believes very strongly that, if Christianity is going to inform the wider society, it will happen through intelligent, civil, public persuasion, not political power. In my humble opinion, no one can speak to this more effectively than Os. He is a first rate thinker on all levels and, because of his civility, has earned the public respect of people far and wide, both inside and outside the church. He is both a gentleman and a scholar.

My hats off to both of these men whom I greatly respect and who have come to mean alot to me personally. We can't wait, my friends, we can't wait.