Saturday, August 02, 2008

Zondervan Academic's Blog

Zondervan Academic launched a blog today: "Koinōnia: Biblical-Theological Conversations for the Community of Christ."

From the first post:
We’ve gathered together some of the most important voices in today’s biblical-theological conversations to join us. Just to kindle your interest . . . Bill Mounce is going to kick things off on Monday with the first in a weekly series that focuses on biblical Greek, translation, exegesis, and related issues. Craig Blomberg will be checking in with us later in the week.

In addition to these conversations, we have some great things planned in the first few months. You’ll be hearing from other authors, as well as some Zondervan staff. One series of posts we’re planning will take you through the entire academic book process, from conception to publication. There will be the occasional marketing plug, but it will be occasional—and hopefully both appropriate and discreet. “Corporate” would not be a way to describe us here. We’re striving for trust, humility, and transparency.
Here are the listed contributors:
  1. Ajith Fernando
  2. Bill Mounce
  3. Bruce Waltke
  4. Chris Wright
  5. Clint Arnold
  6. Craig Blomberg
  7. Daniel Wallace
  8. Darrell Bock
  9. Gary Burge
  10. John Walton
  11. Lynn Cohick
  12. Mark Strauss
  13. Miles Van Pelt
  14. Tremper Longman
  15. Walt Kaiser