Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Michelle Obama and the Mommy Wars

Al Mohler writes about the disappointment caused by Michelle Obama's decision to be a "stay at home" Mom in the White House, given priority to her two girls:
The entire controversy is illuminating. The eruption of the "mommy wars" is virtually inevitable whenever a woman in the public's eye makes a similar choice. Whether the words are used or not, the accusation is that such a woman is "letting down the team."

In that light, Michelle Obama's choice -- and her candor -- are truly encouraging. She has almost instantly served as a witness to the importance of motherhood and the honor of rearing children. In so doing, she served the nation -- as well as her children -- well.

We cannot know in advance how Michelle Obama will be remembered as a First Lady. If her statements are mere public relations, we will know soon enough. All current evidence points to the authenticity of her words. Many of us have had, now have, and will almost surely in the future have significant disagreements with Michelle Obama over issues of public policy and our basic vision for the nation. Nevertheless, with respect to her elevation of motherhood and the priority of children as an honored choice, she deserves our appreciation and support -- and our prayers.

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