Saturday, January 10, 2009

Noll on the New Shape of World Christianity

Mark Noll's next book--The New Shape of World Christianity: How American Experience Reflects Global Faith--is due out from IVP in June. It looks quite good. Here's a description:
With characteristic rigor and insight, in this book Mark Noll revisits the history of the American church in the context of world events. He makes the compelling case that how Americans have come to practice the Christian faith is just as globally important as what
the American church has done in the world. He backs up this substantial claim with the scholarly attentiveness we've come to expect from him, lucidly explaining the relationship between the development of Christianity in North America and the development of Christianity in the rest of the world, with attention to recent transfigurations in world Christianity.
Here is the Table of Contents:
Part 1: Setting the Scene
1. Introduction
2. The New Shape of World Christianity
3. Evangelical Identity, Power and Culture in the Nineteenth Century

Part 2: The American Factor
4. Posing the Question
5. What Does Counting Missionaries Reveal?
6. Indictments and Response
7. American Experience as Template

Part 3: Instances and Implications

8. American Evangelicals View the World, 1900-2000 Festschrift
9. What Korean Believers Can Learn from American Evangelical History
10. The East African Revival
11. Reflections

Guide to Further Reading
You can pre-order the book at Amazon.