Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Andrée Seu on Healing, Praying, and Waiting

Andrée Seu:

A seminary professor I know was going blind and also went to the elders, and his eyesight was restored directly by God, to the bafflement of the Wills Eye Hospital specialists. Dr. Poythress informed me that the healing was not immediate but tarried a week or two—which is an outcome to James 5 that I had not considered.

It's the waiting that's interesting. I'm learning that waiting for answer to prayer is no more empty of activity than a molecule of water is empty of microbes. We are not to picture a La-Z-Boy chair but Eisenhower in the weeks before D-Day. Living "by faith and not by sight" is what we do between times on our knees, and often in a desert. God has little interest in being our personal prayer vending machine, and much interest in dynamic relationship.
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