Monday, August 03, 2009

The Christ-Centered Piety of Thomas Goodwin

Posted by James Grant

Mark Jones recently finished his PhD on Thomas Goodwin, and he is already putting that work to good use for the broader church. He and Joel Beeke have finished a short book on Thomas Goodwin’s Christological piety: "A Habitual Sight of Him"-The Christ-centered Piety of Thomas Goodwin. There are about 38 selected readings from Goodwin’s works as well as an introductory biography. Here are some recommendations:

“Christology lay at the very heart of the best of Reformed Orthodox theology and practice. In this short book the reader is not only introduced to a brilliant Puritan theologian but also to the very center of his vital Christian piety. I hope this book introduces the writings of Goodwin to a new generation.”

- Carl Trueman, Westminster Theological Seminary

“In the long line of distinguished Puritans known as the ‘Spiritual Brotherhood,’ Thomas Goodwin had a formative impact on a host of contemporaries, including John Owen. On many a day while writing my doctoral dissertation on Goodwin, I found myself overwhelmed with emotion as well as penetrating insight as this servant of God set Christ forth in His saving office. Thomas Goodwin’s work defies any tidy division between doctrine and doxology.”

- Mike Horton, Westminster Seminary California

This book is in Reformation Heritage's "Profiles in Reformed Spirituality" series, which already has volumes on Alexander Whyte, Jonathan Edwards, Horatius Bonar, Lemuel Hayne, and others. You can pre-order the book here.