Sunday, August 09, 2009

Ray Ortlund on Reading the Bible

Posted by James Grant

Ray Ortlund, Jr., who blogs at Christ is Deeper Still and pastors a church in Nashville, TN, is going to be writing for the Resurgence. They have an introduction to Ortlund here, and he has already contributed his first post: "How to Read the Bible." Ortlund also provided a quote at his blog describing how George Whitefield read the Bible:
"There he is at five in the morning . . . . on his knees with his English Bible, his Greek New Testament and Henry's Commentary spread out before him. He reads a portion in the English, gains a fuller insight into it as he studies words and tenses in the Greek and then considers Matthew Henry's explanation of it all. Finally, there comes the unique practice that he has developed: that of 'praying over every line and word' of both the English and the Greek till the passage, in its essential message, has veritably become part of his own soul."
Arnold Dallimore, George Whitefield, I:82-83.