Sunday, August 09, 2009

Welcome Back, JT!

Posted by Robert Sagers

It's been a great honor to guest-blog over the past week here at Between Two Worlds.

I respect and am grateful for the ministries of the three men with whom I guest-blogged—Tony Reinke, James Grant, and Andy Naselli. Each of them is brilliant, and I certainly felt out of place among them.

And I have long admired and respected Justin Taylor, whose ministry at Crossway, through this blog, and behind-the-scenes extends farther than most anyone will ever see. But Jesus sees. And I am grateful to Christ for the way that he has gifted Justin to the glory of God.

(And though he can usually be found at the office in Wheaton, Justin has also played a pretty decent first base for the Yankees this season.)

Welcome back, JT!