Friday, April 28, 2006

MercyMe in the NYT

The New York Times' music critic takes a look at the Christian band MercyMe.

Among (especially Reformed) evangelicals one often hears the criticism that a good share of contemporary Christian music can be characterized as "Jesus is my girlfriend" songs. What's interesting to me is that the NYT critic sees the same thing.

"So what difference would it make if those plaintive lyrics were about a Him instead of a her?"

"More often, MercyMe relies upon a familiar (though often effective) head-fake: the song seems to be about a romantic relationship, but it turns out to be a relationship with God. In the winsome single "So Long Self," there's a rousing guitar riff that could almost be pop-punk, topped with cheerful lyrics about breaking up: 'So long self/ Well it's been fun, but I have found somebody else.' Guess who that somebody is? And in 'One Trick Pony,' there's a bluesy groove (sounds like someone got hold of a G. Love & Special Sauce CD) and an eager admission: "I got a one-track mind." Guess where those tracks lead?"

Update: Dick Staub has an interesting post on the article, CCM, and pop culture. (HT: Cawley)