Wednesday, April 05, 2006

"Mr. Colson, I Respectfully Disagree"

In the latest issue of Christianity Today Chuck Colson penned an article entitled Soothing Ourselves to Death. I agree with his lament regarding the trajectory of Christian radio. (Yesterday, for example, I learned from my chipper Christian radio host that God has my picture on his refrigerator!)

But Colson's intro to this meditation is a time when he cracked upon singing "a meaningless ditty" with "zero theological content" called "Draw Me Close to You."

I agree with Sam Storms, who respectfully disagrees with Colson on this one. Sam examines the song in question, saying that while "it isn't lyrically complex or theologically deep," "There isn't a sentiment or syllable in the song that isn't found somewhere in the Psalms as an expression of legitimate, biblical, heartfelt worship."

Read the whole thing.