Tuesday, April 18, 2006

"This Guy Can't Buy a Good Headline"

Len Munsil writes:

It's been a rough year for Vice President Dick Cheney. Yesterday tax information was released, and it was revealed that Cheney and his wife had $8.82 million in income, of which they gave away $6.87 million to charity, including significant gifts to a hospital and to help low-income high school students in Washington D.C.

Imagine giving nearly $7 million to charity, nearly 80 percent of your income, and this is the headline on Drudge: "Cheney's tax refund of $1.9 million." Well, yes -- if you have $2.5 million withheld from your income, then give away almost $7 million, you'll end up getting a big refund.

If Cheney walked on water, the headline would be "Cheney can't swim."

(HT: Challies)