Friday, April 21, 2006

Mohler: The Pastor as Theologian

Al Mohler has a recent three-part series on The Pastor As Theologian. (See Part One, Part Two, Part Three.)

Here are a few helpful quotes:

"The pastor who is no theologian is no pastor."

"The transformation of theology into an academic discipline more associated with the university than the church has been one of the most lamentable developments of the last several centuries."

"In reality, there is no dimension of the pastor's calling that is not deeply, inherently, and inescapably theological. There is no problem the pastor will encounter in counseling that is not specifically theological in character. There is no major question in ministry that does not come with deep theological dimensions and the need for careful theological application. The task of leading, feeding, and guiding the congregation is as theological as any other vocation conceivable."