Friday, December 08, 2006

Dating Jesus?

Agnieszka Tennant pens an excellent critique of the Jesus-is-my-boyfriend motif that is becoming increasingly popular.

I don't question the devotion of anyone who says she loves Christ intensely, whatever language she uses to express it.

But I have little patience for taking biblical metaphors too far and giving one's relationship with God an air of irreverent chumminess. Somehow, the scenario in which "his princess" shaves her legs for a date with Jesus seems to leave little room for fear of God.

By the way, the idea of shaving your legs for a date with Jesus is not a "straw man" argument. It's from a book by a popular author (whose name is not cited). Read the whole thing.

Update: Sticking with the dating-Jesus theme, Mickey McLean at WorldMagBlog posts:

Jesus has returned to Earth for Armageddon, lives in L.A., works as a carpenter for furniture retailer Ikea and goes out on blind dates. At least that's how the husband and wife team of Brian and Gigi Grazer see it in their upcoming film Prodigal Son. "It's a love it or hate it idea, but we're not aiming to offend," Mrs. Grazer said. "He won't be having sex. It'll be a disarming romantic comedy, a story of unrequited love, sort of like Splash." Mr. Grazer and Ron "Opie Cunningham" Howard own Imagine Entertainment, the folks who brought The Da Vinci Code to the big screen.