Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Worship Matters

Mark Dever explains why we should all eagerly anticipate Bob Kauflin's forthcoming book, Worship Matters.
Bob Kauflin, tall, humble & happy, classically-trained worship czar of Sovereign Grace ministries has been behind much good for Christ's church. (Get and listen to Sovereign Grace's new CD's Valley of Vision and Savior: Celebrating the Mystery of God Become Man.) Bob is now in the process of writing a new book on worship which promises to be good, readable, helpful, even by the standards of this regulative-principle, Calvinistic, hymn-loving Baptist reader. Bob is one of the best, most well-read, most pastorally-sensitive conversation partners on the whole topic of worship that God has ever given me. I have learned and do continue to try to learn from him.

Bob blogs at I highly recommend Bob's blog, even if you are not involved in leading or preparing corporate worship music (I'm certainly not--I sound bad even singing in the shower, and six years of piano lessons has left me with only the ability to play Keith Green's "Prodigal Son Suite" [until the key change]). His blog is invariably instructive and edifying.