Sunday, December 31, 2006


The latest Reformation21 issue has a number of articles devoted to John Owen:
John W. Tweeddale, A Little Commenting on a Lengthy Commentary ("Although he wrote no other full length commentary, Hebrews is a considerable enough work to provide significant insight into his understanding of Scripture and serve as a substantial example of the exegetical enterprise of late seventeenth century Protestant orthodoxy.")

Kelly Kapic, Why Read John Owen? ("The question I want to briefly explore is, What is it about this man’s writings that have made so many people believe they are worthy of your precious time?" . . . I remain convinced that although reading Owen is not easy, and he does have his own blind spots (as all of us do), he is a theologian of the highest caliber. Those who take the time to actually read him, whether contemporary theologians, pastors, or lay readers, often find themselves surprised by the wisdom, encouragement, and power that they encounter in this unique Puritan’s writings. May a whole new generation of readers come to appreciate the gift God gave his Church when he gave us John Owen.")

Crawford Gribben, John Owen and Ireland ("John Owen and Ireland is a tragedy – but is it one likely to be repeated elsewhere?")

Derek Thomas, Review of Overcoming Sin and Temptation ("G
et hold of this volume. . . . But prepare yourself for pain, for Owen will take no prisoners. If you want to keep living the humdrum, half-hearted life of faith you currently do, then pass it by.")