Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Fullness of Christ

Christ is full of "grace and truth"--

  • full, to a sufficiency for every end of grace
  • full, for practice, to be an example to men and angels as to obedience
  • full, to a certainty of uninterrupted communion with God
  • full, to a readiness of giving supply to others
  • full, to suit him to all the occasions and necessities of the souls of men
  • full, to a glory not unbecoming a subsistence in the person of the Son of God
  • full, to a perfect victory, in trials, over all temptations
  • full, to an exact correspondence to the whole law, every righteous and holy law of God
  • full to the utmost capacity of a limited, created, finite nature
  • full, to the greatest beauty and glory of a living temple of God
  • full, to the full pleasure and delight of the soul of his Father
  • full, to an everlasting monument of the glory of God, in giving such inconceivable excellencies to the Son of man.

John Owen, Communion with God