Monday, January 29, 2007


A few months ago I came across a book whose combination of author and title surprised me: Juan Williams, Enough: The Phony Leaders, Dead-End Movements, and Culture of Failure That Are Undermining Black America—and What We Can Do About It (Crown, 2006). Mr. Williams is a senior NPR correspondent; when he appears as a FOX news analyst, he can be counted on to take the liberal position on virtually every issue.

A few years ago, in response to Bill Cosby's well-publicized frustration at self-destruction within the black community, Michael Eric Dyson wrote a book called, Is Bill Cosby Right? Or Has the Black Middle Class Lost Its Mind? by Michael Eric Dyson. (You don't have to read the book to figure out that Dyson thinks the answer to his title is a resounding No!)

Williams's Enough is a book-length defense of Cosby that is garnering high-praise. Williams thinks that Cosby's comments were a watershed moment.

World Magazine recently interviewed Juan Williams. If you go to this blog post, and click on the interview, you can read the whole thing.