Monday, January 08, 2007

Four Views on Baptism

New Zondervan Counterpoint book coming out:

Understanding Four Views on Baptism
John D. Castelein, Robert Kolb, Thomas J. Nettles, Richard L. Pratt Jr.

Available: February, 2007

Publisher: Zondervan

Christians have long differed with one another on both the meaning and the practice of water baptism. Using the classic Counterpoints forum of presentation-critique-response, this insightful book explores four prominent views of baptism held by different branches of Protestantism: Baptist, Christian Church/Church of Christ, Lutheran, and Reformed.

What is the significance of water baptism? Who should be baptized? Is infant baptism scriptural? Which is the proper baptismal mode: sprinkling, pouring, or immersion? Should people be rebaptized if they join a church that teaches a different form of baptism? Should baptism be required for church membership? These and other questions are explored in this thought-provoking book.