Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sinclair Ferguson on Reading John Owen

Sinclair Ferguson in the introduction to the new Christian Focus edition (highly recommended!) of John Owen's The Glory of Christ:
To read any of his works is to be introduced to a mind that
soared to the heights of Trinitarian theology,

penetrated deeply into the heart of the gospel,

plumbed the depths of human sinfulness and

grasped the wonders of God's grace.
He was a pastoral theologian par excellence.

To read his works is inevitably to come to the conclusion that much contemporary Christian literature seems like wood, hay and stubble by comparison with the gold, silver and precious stones with which this master builder worked. . . .

A few words of general counsel will help anyone who turns to read Owen for the first time.
Do not rush. He yields his best fruit to patient reading, accompanied by personal meditation and reflection.

Take time to read this book.

Savour each page.

Appreciate the depths of what he says.

Allow yourself to be






engraced, and

refocused on the glory of Jesus Christ.