Saturday, January 13, 2007

John Owen wrote some prefaces for books back in the 17th century. For example:
  • Owen, John. "Preface." Patrick Gillespie. The Ark of the Covenant Opened; or a Treatise of the Covenant of Redemption Between God and Christ as the Foundation of the Covenant of Grace. London, 1677.
  • Owen, John. "Preface." Theophilus Gale. The True Idea of Jansenisme: Both Historick and Dogmatick. London, 1669.
  • Owen, John. "Preface." George Kendall. Fur Pro Tribunali. London, 1657.
  • Owen, John. "Preface." William Benn. Soul Prosperity, in Several Sermons. London, 1683.
  • Owen, John. "Preface." William Eyre. Vindiciae Justificationis Gratuitae. London, 1654.
I have photocopies of the original. If anyone is interested in volunteering to transcribe them for, shoot me a note at betweentwoworlds [at] gmail [dot] com.


Update: Thanks very much for the positive responses. I've now dished out all the prefaces.

Here's my next bleg:

I'd love to have the following in electronic format, though I don't have copies of the originals on hand. Let me know if anyone is interested in volunteering to track these down and type them up. (I know, by the way, that these are fairly thankless tasks, but I do think they serve the church!)

Clarkson, David. "A Funeral Sermon on Dr. John Owen." In The Works of John Owen, D.D. ed. Thomas Russell. Vol. 1. London: for Richard Baynes, 1826. Pp. 411-422.

Asty, John. "Memoirs of the Life of John Owen," in A Complete Collection of the Sermons of the Reverend and Learned John Owen D.D. London: John Clark, 1721.