Monday, May 07, 2007

Doctrinal Wardrobe Malfunction?

A few years ago I read (and agreed with) this paper by Ray Van Neste regarding the need for ETS to have a more robust doctrinal statement. Carl Trueman recently mentioned this piece and provided a link. My favorite quote from it:
In the wardrobe of doctrinal statements the ETS statement is a bikini. The claim is that it covers only the essentials but I must say I think some important parts remain uncovered. We do not simply need a new swatch of material to cover this or that issue. There are simply too many areas where we are indecently exposed. If we add only one patch we will be annually adding more patches as different embarrassing gaps are revealed. No, the time has come to exchange our bikini for a full garment.
Read the whole thing for Dr. Van Neste's proposal.