Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Mike Huckabee

The Breakpoint blog recently did a Q&A with Chuck Colson (part 1 /part 2 /part 3 /part 4).

With regard to the presidential candidates, he says: "It is the most disappointing field of candidates, looking on both sides of the aisle, that I’ve seen in my lifetime. I don’t remember an election where less people have got me excited from either side. …"

(HT: Ted Olsen)

New Man Magazine (a pop-level Christian mag on issues for men) recently endorsed Mike Huckabee, former Baptist minister and former governor of Arkansas. They quote Huckabee:
"My faith is my life," he says. "It defines me. I see no separation between my faith and professional life. Real faith should make us humble and mindful, not to the faults of others but of our own. It should not make us more judgmental, but rather less judgmental, as we see others living a life with the same frailty we acknowledge within ourselves."
My younger brother has become a Huckabee fan and recently wrote this to me in an email:
In short, I have never found someone who articulated with such clarity an exuberant optimism, a folksy populism, and great communication--and all from a Christian! I truly believe that his Christianity, conservativism, and compassion are the formula or model of what I have always sought. And let's face it--few Christian politicians have been able to be bold without being brash. What struck me most about Mike Huckabee was his humility, grace, and unashamedness concerning faith.

Here are a clip from Huckabee, answering a question on evolution:

And here's one where he explains his view on the Fair Tax (including a nice zinger on John Edwards!):