Friday, February 15, 2008


From a Derek Webb email ad:
Eight years ago, singer/songwriter Derek Webb was making a routine coffee run for his Caedmon's Call band mates when he heard Sandra McCracken, playing from the stage of the small Nashville coffee shop. Struck by McCracken's voice and songwriting, Webb picked up a copy of her debut record and played it for the band. When Caedmon's extended an invitation to McCracken to join them on the road, she and Webb discovered they were kindred spirits and soon began planning a future together. A future that now includes two solo careers, eight Derek Webb records, five Sandra McCracken records, and a newborn son. But even after eight years of personal and professional collaboration, thirteen albums, a marriage, and a new baby, the one thing McCracken and Webb had never done together successfully was write songs. Until Now.

The result is Ampersand EP, a record that's as sublimely melodic and superbly crafted as anything either artist has ever recorded, but one which reveals the couple in a surprisingly intimate and stunningly soulful new light.

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