Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rob Bell and the Pastor's Task of Discernment

C.J. Mahaney has a very helpful post today: Rob Bell, the Pastor’s Task of Discernment, and My Heart. He suggests four biblical priorities for pastoral discernment: (1) protect your people; (2) prepare your heart; (3) preach sound doctrine; (4) pray for Rob Bell.

He also highly recommends--as do I--Greg Gilbert's reviews of Rob Bell's NOOMA videos.
I think we should carefully consider Greg Gilbert’s reviews, which demonstrate a commendable combination of humility of heart and theologically informed discernment about matters of primary importance. . . . In all instances of critique, we must carefully research the details in private to avoid misrepresenting the position of the one we critique. I think you will agree that Greg Gilbert’s reviews of Rob Bell’s NOOMA videos have been carefully researched. But the reviews also display character we can learn from—a careful humility of heart and a theologically informed discernment about matters of primary importance (those related to the gospel).