Friday, February 15, 2008

Like Van Til. Except . . .

As a modified VanTillian myself, I got a kick out of this section from Sean Michael Lucas's post about Tim Keller's new book:

I had to smile in recognition to the apologetic methodology–moving on to the unbeliever’s turf in order to show the inconsistencies of their own worldview and then demonstrating that only a Christian worldview can make sense of any thing. It was just like Van Til.

…Only without the confusing terminology. And a whole heap more readable. And winsome. And literate. And interesting. And, well, better. I’m looking forward to finishing the book over the weekend.


(HT: Z)

Keller adds the following comment to Lucas's post:
Dear Sean--

You are kind. (But you haven't read the whole book yet!) Seriously, I am very much trying to argue in the tradition of Van Til, but I know there are different interpretations of him, and I look forward to hearing from some of his proponents who may feel I deviate from his method at places.

Tim Keller