Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bill Edgar on "The Reason for God"

William Edgar on Keller's The Reason for God:

The Reason for God by Timothy Keller is Christian apologetics at its best. Keller understands skepticism because he constantly interacts with unbelief in every guise in New York City, where he works. He plunges head on into issues such as, suffering, the Bible and science, Islamic terrorism, the exclusivity of the Christian religion, and so on. His answers are always fresh, often surprising, imaginative. His sources range from Bono to Jean Paul Sartre to Jonathan Edwards, and these pages are filled with personal experiences and real-life people. Above all, this book is gospel-driven, in the same way Redeemer Church is, and Tim Keller himself is. If you don't read anything else in 2008, read this.
William Edgar, Coordinator of the Apologetics Dept, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia
The hardcover book is now shipping from Westminster Bookstore for 38% off the retail price. The audio book (for 37% off) is also available.