Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Denominational Renewal in the PCA

Common Grounds Online:
In February, 2008 five PCA pastors gave talks at a conference called Denominational Renewal. Hundreds of PCA pastors and seminarians attended.

We will host a forum on these talks at CGO. We will spend one week on each talk, in sequence. The forum will run from Monday, September 15 through Friday, October 17.

To listen to the original talks, go to the Denominational Renewal site and click on speakers. Under each of the speakers’ biographies you will find a link to the audio of the message.

This is a great way to use the web to extend a conversation about important matters.

The structure is that each week is devoted to one of the talks, and each day of that week multiple responses are offered:
Mondays- Simpatico response
Tuesdays- Critical response
Wednesdays- Women or minority voices in the PCA response
Thursdays- Outside of the PCA response
Fridays- Original speaker of the talk at Denominational Renewal responds to the respondents
This week the subject is Greg Thompson's talk (click for audio) on Renewing Ethos.

On Monday Tim Keller offered the "simpatico response." Today Ligon Duncan offers the "critical response." And so on.

See here for the full schedule.