Friday, September 19, 2008

A Despicable Vote

Here's an ad by a Senator Obama's consistent votes against the Born Alive Infants Protection Act, featuring abortion survivor Gianna Jessen:

Here is Obama's response ad, which effectively says that Ms. Jessen is telling a "despicable lie":

Notice that the ad says that “Obama has always supported medical care to protect infants.”

Yuval Levin writes:

But in the debate about the born-alive bill which he voted against (see page 87 of this transcript), Obama said:

[I]f we're placing a burden on the doctor that says you have to keep alive a previable child as long as possible and give them as much medical attention as — as is necessary to try to keep that child alive, then we're probably crossing the line in terms of unconstitutionality.

So a child who has been born and is living and breathing outside the womb can’t get medical care because by some legal definition he or she is “pre-viable”? That doesn’t sound like always supporting medical care to protect infants.

More here from David Freddoso on one of Obama's earlier (incorrect) explanations regarding his vote.