Tuesday, September 23, 2008


The latest edition of Themelios is now online.

I've had a skim of the contents, and will blog more about some of the articles later.

But let me pause and say that I think this is quite a significant development for theological engagement on the web.

Themelios is first-rate and peer-reviewed, with an international collection of excellent scholars. But it's free, and it's instantaneously online.

The guys behind it have been smart and savvy: it's available as a 126-page PDF. But they have also set up a Themelios RSS feed, and each of the articles is also available as individual html files (see the Table of Contents below). This is a brilliant move, allowing for easy spreading and discussion. It will be interesting indeed to watch the future of theological journals and whether or not they will follow suite.

So hats off to The Gospel Coalition for a wonderful development!

Here's what in this issue: