Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Promoting the Gospel

Some endorsements for John Dickson's book, Promoting the Gospel: The Whole of Life for the Cause of Christ:
This is as lively and sensible a book on evangelism as I’ve seen, especially valuable for bringing out the wide range of activities that all need to be carried on in effective Christian witness in contemporary society. It encourages congregations to recognise the varied gifts of their members and to enable each one to be involved in evangelism even though not all of them may be called to be evangelists in the narrower sense of the term.

- I Howard Marshall

I warmly recommend this book. I have lerned from reading it, and have no doubt that others will as well. It challenged me, encouraged me, and often inspired me. And at my age, that`s quite an achievement!
- Alister McGrath

Evangelism can be a difficult topic. We all know that the gospel must go out to the nations, but how do we do it? For many believers, the thought of initiating conversations with unconverted friends, loved ones or strangers is frightening. Not every method suggested in books and sermons is helpful or Biblical. Christians can't be truly motivated by guilt, and frequently find bad experiences so frustrating that, though full of guilt-feelings, they cease trying to express their faith.
John Dickson is a Sydney Anglican who has spent his life as an evangelist, and so comes to his topic with real-life experience. His combination of down-to-earth expression and careful Biblical exposition make this book extremely useful for every Christian. I am very grateful to have found it. I have benefited immensely from its sanctified wisdom and Bible-based advice. I pray that the Lord will use it to extend his kingdom.

- James M Renihan
John Dickson will be the main speaker at the Promoting the Gospel Conference in LaGrange, KY (near Louisville), Nov. 17-19, 2008. Check out their website for more information.