Thursday, April 16, 2009

Grudem's Sunday School Class

For the past five years Wayne Grudem has been teaching a "Christian Essentials" Sunday School class, which roughly corresponds to his bestselling Systematic Theology. You can listen online for free, as well as seen his teaching outline (for most of the classes).

If you don't own at least one of the following, I'd highly recommend them:
  • Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine ( Zondervan, 1995; 1291 pages). One of the best investments you can make for the money.
  • Bible Doctrine (Zondervan, 1999; 528 pages). Jeff Purswell, now of Sovereign Grace Ministries, helped to edit this volume down to over half the size. A great addition in this volume is a glossary--not including in the big ST.
  • Christian Beliefs: Twenty Basics Every Christian Should Know (Zondervan, 2005; 160 pages). Wayne's son Elliot, a PCA pastor, edited this into a very simple handbook. It's probably my first choice of a basic book to get into the hands of a new believer who wants a simple guide to Christianity 101.