Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stewart on Calvinism and Missions

The outline for Ken Stewart's Themelios essay on revisiting the relationship between Calvinism and missions:
1. Forgotten Judgments of Charity

2. A Recent Charge: The Reformed Tradition Has Neglected World Mission and Evangelism

3. A Much Older Charge: The Entire Reformation Movement Neglected Missions
3.1. Undeniable Obstacles to Protestant World Missions
3.2. Factors Beyond Access to the Sea
4. Protestant Mission Began in Regions Neighboring Home
4.1. Foreign vs. Regional Missions
4.2. The Protestant Reformers, with Other Christian Humanists, Saw Europe as Imperfectly Christianized
5. Early Protestant Transoceanic Mission: Who Would Go?
5.1. The Genevan Calvinist Mission to Brazil
5.3. Dutch Reformed Missionaries to Southeast Asia
5.4. The American Mission to Indians Under David Brainerd
5.5. William Carey, Father of Modern Missions
6. Conclusion